Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Video: Immigration activists protest Obama at 50th birthday fundraiser

Later tonight I'll upload the photographs I took outside Chicago's Aragon Ballroom--the site of President Obama's 50th birthday fundraiser which is still going on.

These open borders protesters are not happy with Obama's rather mild anti-immigration policies, which of course don't include his sarcastic idea of building a moat with alligators. Chicago Police officers ordered the activists to move away from the corner of Lawrence and Winthrop shortly after I recorded this video--the east side of the old dance hall abuts Winthrop. The cops told them to move one block south. Instead, the leaders left and the quiet rump of the protest encamped a block east on Lawrence.

Most of the chanting here is in Spanish--so much for assimilation--but at they end they yell, "Hey, hey, Obama, don't deport my mama."

Meanwhile, the president's Aunt Zeituni, an illegal immigrant, has not been deported.

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