Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Leftists protest Obama at 50th birthday party fundraiser in Chicago

The far-left--yes there are people more left-wing than President Obama--protested the policies of their erstwhile hero outside Chicago's historic Aragon Ballroom earlier today. He made a rare visit to his adopted hometown to attend his 50th birthday party that doubled as a fundraiser for his reelection campaign.

The onetime big band dance hall incorporates Moorish architectural styles both outside and inside--which will add fuel to those conspiracy theorists who believe Obama is a Muslim. In the 1980s I attended two concerts at the Aragon--Elvis Costello and The Clash. It was a popular venue for New Wave acts, which led to its nickname, the Aragon Brawlroom.

A Tea Party Jobs Bash was planned for the Green Mill a block away from the Aragon but it fizzled out--if it had started at all. Leftists had a hissy fit and harassed the management of the bar with nasty phone calls and emails. After Obama's arrival I encountered this woman, who decried the debt-ceiling deal and suggested that "Obushama" accept economic advice "from someone like Paul Krugman." Hmm...and I thought he was doing just that. The libs just can't move past President Bush. But she supports "F...cking peace." I wonder what she calls war?

This open borders supporter can't move past Bush either.

Immigration-rights protesters--or should I say illegal immigration-rights protesters--dominated early on. But as I mentioned in my prior post, their protest faded away after the police told its leaders to move their rally a block away from the Aragon. After the honchos departed, their protest faded away. In the center of the photograph is a mock birthday cake. Many of their chants were in Spanish, one of their English ones was, "Hey, hey, Obama, don't deport my mama."

Is Obama really the deportation president? Is he deporting dreamers?

Does this mean he supports "Bush's war," Iraq?

He was protesting the protesters, proclaiming, "They haven't read the Bible cover-to-cover even once."

I believe these Buddhist monks were just enjoying the atmosphere. I should have asked them if they had read the Bible cover-to-cover.

Hey, peace and glory to Cameroon is something I agree with too.

Yes, we all hoped for better. But I didn't expect much. On the other hand, I didn't expect Obama's presidency to be so thoroughly awful.

There were some Obama supporters there too, but for the most part they seemed to be star-struck fans, similar to the people who were obsessed with Princess Diana. Coincidentally, the 50th anniversary of her birth was last month. For the most part the crowd, which consisted of about 300 people at its peak, dispersed after the president's tinted-window limousine drove past.

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pathickey said...

Dang. That's cold . . .and on his birthday.

Levois said...

I was up there briefly, shoulda stayed for a bit!

John Ruberry said...

Oh man...sorry to have missed you.