Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Chicago mob-attack stabbing caught on video

Apparently a spilled drink is all it takes to enrage a mob of a dozen youths in the "Boystown" section of Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood-which led to a stabbing. This part of the city is not known for such violence, although ABC 7 Chicago said this is the third such attack in the last three weeks.

The Boystown attack was the lead story on Roe Conn's WLS-AM show this morning.

A witness told ABC 7 that the mob was cheering on their fellow attackers.

This does not appear to be a race-based attack, as has been the case in recent Chicago "wilding" incidents. The victim, who is being hospitalized and is in good condition, and the assailants were African American.

On a related note, the turnout for last night's fireworks in Morton Grove, where I live, seemed to be the biggest since I moved here in 1999. Chicago cancelled its popular July 3 fireworks show due to "budget cuts," although speculation is that the fear of violent flash mobs caused the city to drop them this year. Attendance figures for the popular Taste of Chicago festival have not been released yet.

UPDATE July 6: The final attendence figures haven't been released by the city, but vendors are reporting lower sales than last year. On the positive side, arrests were down too. The Chicago Park District, which runs the festival, lost money on it again.

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