Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pawlenty: Obama’s campaign finance executive order more arrogance & hypocrisy

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was a busy man yesterday. In addition to appearing on Don Wade & Roma's Chicago radio show, T-Paw ended the day as a guest on Hugh Hewitt's show.

From the interview:

HEWITT: The President is preparing, according to news reports, an executive order trying to impose the repeal of Citizens United on American corporate entities and others who would participate in politics. What's your reaction to trying, for him to impose via executive order what he couldn’t get the Congress to pass last time?

PAWLENTY: Well, it's another example, I think, of public policy and political arrogance. You know, we're not rubes. And if you look at this executive order as reported by the news outlets, it doesn’t affect unions. So it affects only businesses. It doesn't affect people who have been supportive to the Democrats or to the President. And here's a news flash for the President. The Supreme Court has spoken about the law of this land. It gives people free expression and 1st Amendment rights. Thankfully, it's a long overdue decision, and brings some equity back so now we can have a fair fight. But to have an executive order that singles out people who support Republicans, and entities that support Republicans, and doesn't touch the Democratic supporters, is another example of hypocrisy.
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