Friday, April 29, 2011

Pat Quinn compares himself to Gen. George C. Marshall

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn--who is trying to extort legislators into approving an $8 billion loan, compared himself one of the most honorable men America has ever produced, General George C. Marshall, United States Army Chief of Staff during World War II, Secretary of State, later Defense, and of course, the force behind the Marshall Plan.

Watch as Quinn speaks at a press conference about flooding in southern Illinois:

Here's the relevant passage:

My job is to keep everyone organized. One of my heroes in life is a general by the name of George Marshall. He led the effort in World War II. He wasn't showing up and getting a lot of glory. All he did was organize the United States, the Allied response to fascism and totalitarianism and win the war.
Cairo, which is at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, could be destroyed if its levees give way. Residents of the impoverished town are angry that Quinn didn't visit when he was in southern Illnois yesterday.

Thanks to Capitol Fax for the video.

UPDATE 10:00pm: The Southern Illinoisan posted an impressive video of aerial footage of the downstate flood zone.

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