Friday, December 31, 2010

Sun-Times: Davis to drop out of mayor's race, will support clownish Moseley Braun

Wow...I didn't see this one coming. Well, not in this fashion. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that US Rep. Danny Davis (D-7th) will drop out of Chicago's mayoral race and back Carol Moseley Braun, a former US Senator and someone I like to call Carol Mostly Clown. Yes, she was that bad as a senator.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, the leading proprietor in the  contemporary racism industry, met with Davis and Moseley Braun two night ago at Rainbow PUSH headquarters with the goal of getting one of the two remaining major African American candidates to drop out. He wants the city's blacks to unite behind one person--and elect an African American mayor.

Election Day is February 22. If none of the ten or so candidates gain a majority of the vote, the two remaining candidates will face off in an April run-off.

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ck said...

Why even have an election? The machine has selected Rham. Whoever it is will preside over the bankruptcy of Chicago. I think Dailey knows the numbers and that's one of the reasons he's quitting.