Friday, November 12, 2010

Will Obama cave to liberals on Bush tax cuts?

Throughout his presidency, with the exception of the troop surge in Afghanistan, when confronted with a tough decision, President Obama has caved in to his liberal base. Governing from the left is a recipe for disaster--for evidence I suggest you take a look at results of the midterm elections. Yes, I'm aware ObamaCare didn't include single-payer and that cap and trade gave away the carbon indulgences to the utilities instead of making them pay for them, but Obama has run this country as if he was the prime minister of Sweden.

Extending the Bush tax cuts, which Congress punted into the lame duck session, present his first post-election test. Obama adviser David Axelrod told the Huffington Post that his boss is willing to extend, albeit temporarily, those cuts for everyone--including the so-called rich. Many of those "rich" are small business owners who create most of our new jobs.

But the Wall Street Journal is reporting that his left-wing friends don't want Obama to do that--unless he gets concessions from the GOP. And the White House is claiming Obama's tax cut position hasn't changed.

It will be an interesting fight.

By the way, it's time that Obama realizes that he's president of all of America, not just liberal ones.

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