Friday, November 12, 2010

Obama's war on fossil fuels

President Obama's war on fossil fuels continues. He has already proposed phasing out subsidies for that ubiquitous source of energy.

Then there is the offshore drilling ban imposed by the White House after the BP oil spill. Never let a crisis go to waste? Even the New York Times realized something was fishy:

But it sure is hard to read the drilling safety report — which sits unchanged on the Web with nary an asterisk to indicate the problem — without concluding that the purpose of the editing was to give the perception of scientists' and engineers' support for the moratorium.
Red County has more on what I'd like to call Obama's war on jobs.

As I've discussed in prior posts, Obama's offshore drilling moratorium cost a lot of jobs. And in a study written by Louisiana State University of Professor Joseph Mason the Obama administration underestimated that loss by 7,500 to 11,500 jobs.

The Democrats were unable to enact their unpopular cap and trade bill into law. But there are other ways to attack prosperity.

Leading the charge in another theater of conflict is Carol Browner, Obama's climate czar. Why do we have these czars? Michelle Malkin, who calls her one of the "Beltway's most influential, entrenched and unaccountable left-wing radicals," reports that Czar Carol has been called out twice by President Obama's own federal BP oil spill commission for misleading the public in regards to the effects of the oil blowout.

Browner appears to be using that crisis to put a cap on oil drilling--and of course, jobs.

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