Monday, November 22, 2010

Obama's small ball approach to blocking offshore drilling and killing jobs

Small ball works too.
It ended before the Democrats' Election Day debacle--their "transformational change" stage, which  involved ramming unpopular legislation such as cap and trade and ObamaCare through Congress.

The White House is in its "small ball" phase of damaging the economy. Again, fossil fuels, an energy source Obama administration has been at war with since January 20, 2009, are under attack.

Successfully using small ball can be just as effective--or more accurately as damaging, as hitting home runs.

Last month the White House lifted its deep-water offshore drilling moratorium; it dropped the shallow water moratorium in May. But NPR is reporting this morning that while historically 10-15 offshore drilling permits are issued a month, that number is close to zero now.

Smaller energy firms are taken are suffering the most. Such as Herculues Offshore:

About 25 miles from Aransas Pass, Texas, the huge Hercules 205 shallow-water jack-up rig is sitting in about 100 feet of water. It's not drilling any wells right now because Hercules' customers can't get permits.

Workers are performing maintenance — spraying away rust and old paint on the drill floor. Down below, welders are repairing some steel plating, and work will begin soon to replace showers in the bathroom.

In the galley, assistant driller Bobby Waguspack says this is an uncertain time.

"If you don't know you [are] going to have a job the next week, it affects your mind, you know?" he says.
Obama's bean balls have already cost Americans thousands of jobs.

This sneaky approach to governing is troubling to me and it is certainly not "Change I can believe in."

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