Friday, June 11, 2010

British ObamaCare update: First baby born under NHS feels betrayed by system

Aneira Thomas of Wales was the first baby born under the jurisdiction of Britain's government-run medical bureaucracy, the National Health Service. She was named after the Welshman who created the NHS, Aneurin Bevan.

Sixty-one years later, Thomas feels betrayed by it, the Daily Mail reports, "Aneurin Bevan would turn in his grave if he knew how his noble vision for Britain had been undermined" she told the paper. Bevan, unlike President Obama, didn't have decades of failure as a warning when he plunged the UK into socialized medicine. But our "ass-kickin'" president knows better. Last summer he told the American Medical Association, "There are countries where a single-payer system works pretty well." A few days later, when pressed by the White House press corps, Robert Gibbs couldn't name one country where it did.

It certainly doesn't work well in Britain.

From the Daily Mail:

'The care my parents-in-law received was shocking.'

Her mother-in-law, Hilda Thomas, who had Alzheimer's disease, suffered repeated falls and went missing eight times during two years at the home.

The police were called to track her down three times.

On one occasion Mrs Thomas had to rescue her bewildered relative after discovering her slumped over railings beside a road a mile from the care home.

Cash worth £1,400 [$2,050] and the 22-carat gold wedding rings belonging to Hilda and her husband, World War II veteran Islwyn Thomas, also disappeared from Llys-y-Coed care home in Llanelli while they were residents.
As if that isn't horrible enough, Thomas, a former psychiatric nurse, has a $71,500 USD NHS bill staring at her in the face--social workers told her the government would cover it. (Shocking! Government-run health care isn't free!)

Aneira Thomas: Brought into the world by the NHS--betrayed by the NHS.

This could be America in 2071. Or sooner.

Unlike Bevan and Thomas, we've been warned.

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