Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Photos: Tea Party Express comes to Rockford

I'll post a write-up of the event sometime tomorrow morning from today's Tea Party Express rally in Rockford, Illinois. But first some pictures.
That's roughly half of the crowd who turned out for the Tea Party Express Rally in Rockford, Illinois this afternoon. My guess is that there were 1,500 patriots in attendance. Behind the trees you can see (barely) the Rock River.

This patriotic woman is dancing to Lloyd Marcus' "Twenty Ten."

This is my favorite photograph of the day. Yes, those are real Catholic nuns and they told me their order and where there convent is located. They were among the many attendees expressing their pro-life stance.

Gil Scott-Heron was wrong. The revolution will be televised. And blogged.

I'll write more about this tomorrow, but Andrea Shea King, who I finally met, treated me like a prince the whole afternoon. I'm wearing a Chicago Police baseball-style shirt.

Young people go to tea parties.

                                                              Old men go to tea parties.

Neither do I. But our president does someone who bombed the Pentagon.

A half hour after the Tea Party Express buses pulled out: Tea partiers are the tidiest protesters on the planet.


Sir Galen of Bristol said...

I know those nuns, this was not their first tea party!

Marathon Pundit said...

Oh good. I don't want to see them get in trouble, but then again, Cardinal George is giving an honor to Obama's radical pal (aren't they all?) Father Pfleger.

Illinois Knows said...

There were people coming and going all day! I was there from about 12pm until just after the busses showed up. I had to be home for my kids school bus to show up. Loved the nuns! I got their picture too.

I. Dun Hadit said...

You guys are a wonderful bunch of sincere and dedicated folks. I enjoyed conversing with some of you. Keep up the fight, and the good work. IllinoisTea is with you all the way to D.C. in spirit.

jill said...

Love those sisters!

Cardinal George honoring Pfleger makes my blood boil.