Friday, April 23, 2010

Death watch at Broadway Bank

There's a death watch underway at Chicago's Broadway Bank, the financial institution owned by the family of Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias, who is currently Illinois' state treasurer. I drove past around 3:00pm, there were TV vans from CBS 2, NBC 5, ABC 7, and WGN, the local CW station. Perhaps Fox 32 was on its way.

Even though it's a cloudy day, the blinds were pulled down on every window.

While taking these photographs, a young man walked the neighboring business, Ole St. Andrew's Inn, and said to me, "Today's the big day."

The big day refers to the day federal authorities seize control of the money-losing bank, the platform from which Alexi launched his political career. "We need a banker in the treasurer's office" he would tell anyone who listen.

The smart money (of which there isn't much inside the bank) is that Broadway will fail at the close of business today. I'm going out for a 10 mile run. I will be back in a couple of hours--will Broadway still be around?

UPDATE 7:15pm CDT: Chicago News Bench has its report on the hysteria, Fox 32 Chicago was on the scene.

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