Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sen. Kit Bond talks to bloggers about terrorism in conference call

Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) made the media rounds today, but he found time today to speak with bloggers this morning in a conference call.

Now that is my kind of senator.

As if that wasn't enough, Bond opened the call by declaring that the Obama administration believes it is "more important to protect the legal rights of terrorists than to protect Americans from terror."

Only yesterday, five weeks after the failed Christmas bombing, did top intelligence officials explain the near-miss to the Senate.

"What we need in this country," Bond declared, "is an administration that has a terror fighting policy, not a terrorist protection policy."

As far as the White House machinations regarding of what would happen during a civilian trial of such thugs as Khalid Sheikh Muhammad--such as declaring him guilty and ready for execution even though defendants in a civilian trial are officially innocent, Bond derisively referred to it as a "Kabuki theatre."

When asked about moving the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility to Thomson, Illinois, popularly known as Gitmo North. Bond called it "a crazy jobs program," and he intends to do everything he can to keep the terrorists at Gitmo in Cuba. Bond didn't mention them, but Governor Pat Quinn and Sen. Dick Durbin have touted Gitmo North as a northwestern Illinois employment opportunity.

If Obama follows through on this campaign promise to close Gitmo, "is a real threat to our security."

Of course the Camp Delta terrorist facility was constructed at great expense at Gitmo, which offers the inmates "better accommodations than they've ever had, better than in the caves and the mountainsides where they resided before they came over."

One can of course argue that Thomson is nicer than the caves, but Gitmo is more secure and offers greater protection for the people of Illinois, Iowa, Missouri--and the residents of 47 other states.

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