Monday, November 23, 2009

Chicago's mounting trade show woes

Crain's Chicago Business takes a look at Chicago's trouble trade show and convention business.

Among other things, the agency in charge of the city's exhibition halls, nicknamed "McPier," is being accused of online-voting ballot stuffing.

Exhibitor Ron Kirscht of Minnesota-based Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Co. says in a blog post that he was angered by McPier's online stunt, even though he voted for Chicago "with reservations about the shakedown and price gouging that is manifest for the exhibitors and conventioneers."

McPier officials say they are addressing these issues. In September, they dismissed 100 of the 150 electricians who are under the authority's control. Their message to the remaining 50 foremen: Whoever shows up to work at McPier had better have the right attitude.

"We need to improve the way we do business and focus on the customer experience," McPier Board Chairman Mr. Gates says. "This will send a message to everyone else who works with us."

And when the words "price-gouging" are being tossed around, it means union price gouging.

And would you believe too many political hires is part of the problem? Crain's discusses a woman with clout who went from working as a bartender to making $130,000 a year at McPier.

Let's see...this is Chicago...we've got ballot box stuffing going on, patronage hiring...what about "pay to play."

That's happening too.

Chicago and Illinois need to be powerscrubbed.

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I'm not sure there is a power washer around powerful enough to clean up Chicago.