Friday, November 27, 2009

British ObamaCare update: "Filthy, blood-splattered wards"

Once again, I have to say it: This could be America in 2020.

The Daily Mail takes another hard look at Great Britain's government-run health care agency, the National Health Service:

In the rush to clear themselves of blame for the needless deaths of more than 70 patients on the filthy, blood-splattered wards of Basildon Hospital, ministers insisted the scandal was an 'isolated case'.

Never mind the fact the government's own Care Quality Commission inspectors had rated this supposedly elite foundation hospital as good, and awarded it 13 out of 14 for cleanliness.

Of course, it wasn't long before another 'isolated case' came along at Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, where the chairman was sacked for presiding over an equally alarming death rate and excessive waiting times in A&E.

Now, shockingly, it emerges that, across the NHS, there are 26 hospitals with higher than expected death rates in which 3,000 patients may have suffered unnecessary deaths.

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Brandon said...

This makes universal health care look not so good.