Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama jingoism: Why the AARP is losing members

A few weeks ago, AP reported that the Assocition of Retired Persons saw 60,000 members quit the left-leaning organization over its tacit support for ObamaCare. Yes, I'm well aware that the group issued a statement after one of the president's town halls that it does not back HR 3200 or any other health care reform bill--after Obama said they did--but I believe that with a wink and a nod, the AARP is in the tank with the Dems on government-run health care.

I'm sure when some members read the latest edition of AARP Magazine, more will bail:

If the Stars and Stripes are the truest symbol of national pride, then patriotism seems to be flying high. You can feel it as much as see it. At coffee bars in Seattle, in midwestern farm communities, on college campuses, in New York City subways, Americans from all walks of life—old, young, white, black, Republican and Democratic—are fervently, happily, waving the flag, both literally and figuratively, and bursting with a renewed spirit that is helping redefine what it means to be a patriot. It's a zeal that celebrates more than just symbols: these days Americans are rallying to make citizenship a participatory sport.

It is a welcome shift in mood. After years during which the flag—indeed patriotism itself—has been used as a polarizing line in the political sand, the country seems to have entered an era of energetic involvement in our collective fate. Fueled in part by President Barack Obama's resonant and reiterated call to service, the melting pot of our citizenry is rethinking the matter of our social contract—seeing in it a vehicle for cooperation, a link that allows us to combine our human capital and reinforce the strengths we have in common.

Well, if this was written for The Nation, the Village Voice, or Tikkun, I'd say, what's the big deal...

Which are among the publications that the author of that awful offal, Patricia J. Willims, writes for when she is not working as a law professor.

Where are the conservative voices at AARP Magazine?

Hey, I have no problem with volunteering...but when pitch in for society, I can assure you it's not because of "President Barack Obama's resonant and reiterated call to service..."

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