Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GM to to scrap Saturn brand, forecasting firm predicts Ford will surpass it

Even though the American taxpayers essentially own General Motors (When are we going to sell it?), the companies Saturn brand will be scrapped because the deal to sell it to Penske Automotive has fallen through.

In related news, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that a leading economic forecasting firm is predicting that Ford will overtake GM and become the nation's number one automobile manufacturer, although it will trail Toyota in US market share.

Ford did not receive any federal bailout money.

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Greybeard said...

It's a shame that Saturn will die on the vine...
Their marketing concept was comfortable for those that don't like to dicker on price, and their cars were finally beginning to look as if they could compete with the best from all over the world.

Oldsmobile- gone.
Pontiac- gone.
How long before we're saying,
"GM- gone"?