Sunday, July 05, 2009

Niles, Illinois' Obama stimulus "campaign sign"

Yesterday I saw "Public Enemies," which about half of which was set set in Chicago. The J. Edgar Hoover character says early in the film something along the lines of "there's a crime wave in America and Chicago is at it's center."

The Barack Obama campaign also emerged from Chicago, and even though he won last fall, the campaign continues--as I've noted many times, these stimulus signs are nothing more that campaign advertisements for Obama 2012 effort.

Our newest entry was taken yesterday, right after I watched the Johnny Depp film. You can see it on Touhy Avenue in Niles, just west of Niles.

About "Public Enemies." I enjoyed it immensely, although I'm a sucker for films about Chicago. The performances, starting with Depp, were convincing, although the there was not much character development of the supporting cast.

As with all Michael Mann directed films, the cinematography was was first rate.

But I have one beef with the movie, there are way too many historical inaccuracies.

Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson were shot to death after Dillinger's famous departure from the Biograph Theater, for instance.

Let me end with the campaign. In his report, 100 Stimulus Projects: A Second Opinion, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) wrote, signs are popping up everywhere.

Indeed they are. There are four of these placards within two miles of my home. In its rebuttal to Coburn's report, the White House claimed such signs are "customary."

But in my years on this planet, I've never seen such a proliferation of these "campaign signs." But The Chosen One has only been president for six months.

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