Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama's Mt. Olympus speech: "No we can't"

I just got done watching Barack Obama, speaking from Mt. Olympus...make that Denver...where he accepted the Democratic nomination for president.

Once again, the Cult of Change leader was strong on words such as "Hope," but short on specifics--such as how he plans to pay for all his grandiose plans.

Besides that, Obama's speech was disturbing. The stage he spoke from, which the Chicago Tribune called "Barackopolis."

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pathickey said...

Listening to that parade of dopes last night, onewould think that we lived in Rwanda/Dafur/Loose Bayou Teche! Jimmy Carter's Brother made more sense after 26 beers.
'I'sa Yew Ess MahRayne, Jimmah, piss'd mahsef! Don' tell Miz LilYun Jimmah! Yu Don Noah Me!'

Let the Temple Fall! McCain will pick Palin!

MILF I Can Believe In!

Sarah Barracuda and McNasty! Love it!

John Ruberry said...

MILF I Can Believe In!

Is the web domain available?

Anonymous said...

From my modest house I'm writing an exorbitant check to my 32 year old Gastroenteroligist while viewing his brand new 10,000 sq ft mcmansion on a lake. I've got a pretty good idea at this moment how he figures he'll pay for.

You must have like the speech if that's all you had to say. At least you didn't get the same bad acid in your Kool-aid as David Brooks did.

Now the press can turn their attention towards a VP pick, one heartbeat away from the presidency who's never had more that small suburb's worth of people ever vote for her.

Strange days!

pathickey said...

Yed InDeedy!

That Obama Bounce Got Stuffed by Point Guard Sarah Palin!

BTW - anonymous deep thinker, what exactly do Obamabots so dislike about 'small towns.'

Shucks, there's thousands of small towns and the folks in them vote - they do add up.

Watch the landslide, Obama won't even carry Illinois!

Greybeard said...

Good Lord Pat I hope you're right.
Sara Palin changed this Illinoisian's mind about voting for McCain. Maybe she'll do the same for several thousand others?