Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's pick: It's Alaska Gov. Palin

John McCain hasn't officially announced it, but his pick for his running mate is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

She's the first woman to appear on the Republican presidential ticket.

I fully support the choice. And not just because she's a woman. Palin has strong conservative credentials and most importantly, she's the only governor to among the four people leading the ticket for the major parties.

Oh, Palin is a marathon runner. She ran Humpy's Marathon in Anchorage in 2005, finishing with a time of 3:59.

Palin is 44 years old.

McCain-Palin: "That's the ticket!"

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Levois said...

The First Republican on the Presidential ticket? lol

pathickey said...


Levois said...

It wasn't that long ago that I didn't know what some of those initials meant myself. ;-)

pathickey said...

Well done Levois as always!
Laughed My Fat Wrinkled Irish Arse Off! Again!

The Obama Bounce Got Stuffed by a Point Guard!

the wolf said...

Over at Kos, they are floating a rumor that Palin faked her latest pregnancy to cover for her teenaged daughter. Always classy, those leftists.

Rob_N said...


You might want to check your glasses... and your calculator.

The (not) liberal CNN poll is the only one showing "nobounce" as CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez couldn't say often enough last night. It's an outlier compared to every other major poll showing a 4 to 8 point separation for Obama, with the Big O jumping while Mac fades.

But you go right on telling yourself there was no bounce. There's no monsters in your closet either, my man. ;)



Gov. Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant (out of wedlock).

I notice that you didn't link to the original diary at Daily Kos which you reference (perhaps you never even read it yourself). If you had, you'd see that the vast majority of the comments in response to that pathetic diary were demands to remove the diary and stop rumor mongering...

FYI - The original diary is here, note it is not by any of the Kos editors nor even a regular contributor. This Townhall commentary by Amanda Carpenter assailing that DKos diary is among the first of the conservative opinion pieces complaining about the diary... and conveniently ignoring DKos readers' own negative opinion of it.

So much for "leftists" not being classy.

DKos is a free and open forum -- anyone, including you, can post a diary there. Who's to say that particular diary wasn't from some agent provacateur?

And if you read the posts before and after this one on this blog you'll be treated to completely irrelevant malarkey akin to complaining about 'ethnic columns' (that'd be Greek columns like those on the White House, Lincoln Memorial and just about every state capitol building in the country) and the like.

Classy indeed.

PS - Presidential candidate Obama has told the press and other to leave Bristol Palin alone. His comments are your class act right there, even if it does avoid pointing out the hypocrisy inherent in Gov. Palin's advocacy for failed abstinence-only programs which have been found to actually increase sexual activity among teens.

Rob_N said...

PS Wolf, It turns out those rumors actually started with one of Gov. Palin's political enemies in Alaska, the conservative Republican state Senate leader Lyda Green (who is also from tiny Wasilla).

Always classy, those cons.