Thursday, January 25, 2007

Klocek and Horowitz at DePaul follow up

I'm going to do a longer post in a few days, but I spent and enjoyable evening last night at the free speech forum with former DePaul Professor Thomas Klocek, author David Horowitz, and current DePaul Professor Jonathan Cohen.

Cohen spoke about his involvement in the Klocek case, Klocek discussed the role of the Catholic Church and universities throughout history, Horowitz, batting last, talked about what's wrong with the modern university--in short, its married to Leftist dogma.

There was a lot of media at the event, including AP, whose rundown of the evening events can be found here.

The event was organized by the DePaul Conservative Alliance, and the forum was monitored by DCA member Nick Hahn, who said:

At DePaul, like any university, there's kind of almost an intolerance ... when discussing controversial or conservative issues. Fringe groups dominate extracurricular activities, and you cannot discuss any issue that is controversial without being labeled as offensive or racist.

In the question-and-answer session, Ann Russo, chairman of the Women’s Studies and Gender Studies program at DePaul, confronted Horowitz on his charges that without exception, women's studies programs nationwide are dominated by hard-Leftists.

Horowitz didn't back down, citing items he viewed on DePaul's Women's Studies' web site.

I spoke briefly with Horowitz after the forum ended, and he was not surprised to learn that Professor Russo is a signatory of what blogger Pirate Ballerina calls the "Unfire Ward Churchill" petition.

Horowitz during his presentation defended the free speech rights of the University of Colorado professor to spread his odious message. But he made no excuses for Churchill's plagiarism and academic fraud.

UPDATE 10:35 AM: Fox 32 Chicago has a great video clip.

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