Sunday, November 26, 2006

Michael Richards follow-up: He's still sorry

Michael "Kramer" Richards did apppear on Jesse Jackson's "Keep Hope Alive" radio show this morning.

It is the question the entire nation wanted to ask and on Sunday morning the Jackson got to ask it. "Do you consider yourself a racist?"

"No," Richards replied.

The comedian appeared on Jackson's Sunday morning show, airing on WVON radio, and he again apologized for his racist meltdown.

"I can say now to them that I'm very, very sorry and hope to meet with them and get started with a bit of healing," Richards said.

I think Richards post-Seinfeld career, such as it was, is over. Oh, he'll appear here and there, but after this blows over, he'll fade into obscurity.

But he gets those big residual checks from his days on Seinfeld, so don't feel too sorry for him.

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