Monday, September 18, 2006

Revised: Disbar Fitzgerald, David Corn may have said in latest Pajamas Media Blog Week in Review

For the second time in four days, I listened to David Corn in a Pajamas podcast.

The latest podcast is Pajamas Media's Blog Week in Review, where Corn joins regulars Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and moderator Austin Bay--Ed Driscoll produces.

Social-networking sites such as My Space, Wal-Mart's new The Hub, and others are discussed in relation to how such sites might effect the political process.

The fireworks start when Corn and Reynolds discuss "Plamegate." David has a new book out, co-authored with Michael Isikoff, Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War. There's a chapter on the Plame-Wilson imbroglio. While talking about the Special Prosecutor (and US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois) Patrick Fitzgerald, Corn says Fitzgerald should be disbarred, because he continued to prosecute the case for two and-a-half years, even though Fitzgerald knew Richard Armitage was the leaker.

It's possible that recently convicted former Illinois Governor George Ryan agrees with Corn on that one.

UPDATE 7:00PM CDT commnenter has posted that Corn may have been quoting the conservative arguement that Fitzgerald should be disbarred. I'm unaware of any conservative call for that to occur. Still Corn deserved the benefit of any doubt. If I erred, it was out of irresponsibility, since I listed to that portion of the podcast at least five times before I wrote this post.
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