Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pajamas Media's Sanity Squad on Bill Clinton, liberalism, and narcissism

Of course Pajamas Media couldn't overlook Bill Clinton's anger (or was it a performance?) during that Chris Wallace interview on Fox News.

This week, "Bubba" is stretched out on the Sanity Squad's analyst couch. The Sanity Squad consists of four mental health professionals (and bloggers): neo-neocon, Dr. Sanity, Shrinkwrapped, and Siggy. Joining the panel this week is another analyst/blogger, Gagdad Bob of One Cosmos.

Part of Clinton's narcissism is his obsession about his legacy. As Siggy notes:

Mr. Clinton himself understands that his legacy will not be one of greatness but of mediocrity, which is quite unfair since he was quite a good President. But if he can't have what he wants, he's going to be a victim. He had to know that within hours his own record of deceit would be put up for all the world to see.

Politics, the panelists note, attracts narcissistic types. And Bill Clinton, in my opinion could be the most narcissitic president ever.

I can think of another president who was campaigning in regards to his legacy, and it's one Clinton doesn't want to be compared to: the nearly impeached Richard M. Nixon. Dick Nixon had to do it because no one else would. Clinton, being perhaps the most in-love-with-himself president ever, has no choice either. Narcissism is central to his being.

Liberalism, as a quasi-religion, is also discussed among the panelists.

It's great podcast. Listen or download here.

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