Thursday, September 28, 2006

ABC News on Pajamas Media

Julie over at Pajamas Media e-mailed me this Michael S. Malone article from the ABC News web site. An excerpt:

That's why, longtime readers of this column will remember, I cheered the arrival of Pajamas Media, the first real aggregator of the blogosphere.

Pajamas got off to a shaky start — stumbling just enough to satisfy those who had predicted it to fail but eventually finding its legs.

Now that the mainstream media have moved on to other stories, Pajamas is pulling in hundreds of thousands of readers each day, all drawn to its attractive mix of stories, viewpoints and, increasingly, videos.

Right now, especially on the big international stories, nobody covers events from more perspectives and with greater nuance than Pajamas Media.

Okay, as I'm with Pajamas, I'm not an unbiased source, but what "shaky start" is Malone referring to here? It's been quite smooth as far as I'm concerned.

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