Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury strongly backs Pope on Islam and violence

Support is trickling in for Pope Benedict. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, is on B16's team in regards to the Pope's recent comments on Islam.

The person who sits in the Archbishop of Canterbury's chair is the spiritual leader of the world's Anglican Christians.

From the Times of London:

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has issued his own challenge to "violent" Islam in a lecture in which he defends
the Pope’s "extraordinarily effective and lucid" speech.

Lord Carey said that Muslims must address "with great urgency" their religion’s association with violence. He made it clear that he believed the "clash of civilisations" endangering the world was not between Islamist extremists and the West, but with Islam as a whole.

"We are living in dangerous and potentially cataclysmic times," he said. “There will be no significant material and economic progress [in Muslim communities] until the Muslim mind is allowed to challenge the status quo of Muslim conventions and even their most cherished shibboleths."

Whew...strong stuff from Carey. The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is a wimpy chap who is not capable of making such statements. If he had...maybe Muslims would start to listen. Oh, he's talked about it, as you'll read here, but there is no meat in this Archibishop's stew. Besides, if Williams did strongly support the Pope's comments, well, it would mean more churches would get firebombed.

Sorry, but it's the awful truth, in my opinion.

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