Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anarchy in the UK: Muslim cleric declares area off limits to infidels

In the latest Pajamas Media podcast--scroll down one post--Mark Steyn talks about the problem of the failure of Muslims to integrate into Western European society. Here's cites two examples, here's a third for that sure to growing pile of incidents.

From a Philip Johnston op-ed in the Daily Telegraph:

When Abu Izzadeen, the firebrand Islamist militant, berated John Reid last week for "daring" to visit a Muslim area, the Home Secretary bridled, as did many others, at his suggestion that part of London was off limits for a British minister of the Crown.

There was nowhere in this country from which anyone should be excluded, Mr Reid said; nowhere that could be called exclusively Muslim.

The Bosnianizing of Europe continues. But good for Reid for standing up to the extremist. Others, I fear, aren't so resolute.

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