Monday, September 25, 2006

Pope meets with Muslim leaders, alludes to rights of Christians in Muslim nations

The Pope had that much anticipated meeting with Muslim diplomats today. Did he apologize for his controversial comments about Islam? Of course not. But in a subtle fashion, he's laying down the law to the Muslims.

From AP:

Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim diplomats Monday that "our future" depends on good relations between followers of both faiths as he sought to put to rest anger

The pontiff also quoted from his predecessor, John Paul II, who had close relations with the Muslim world, calling for "reciprocity in all fields," including religious freedom. Benedict spoke in French to a roomful of diplomats from 21 countries and the Arab League in his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo near Rome.

"Reciprocity in all fields." Muslims in living in the West expect, no, make that demand that we not only respect their faith, but that we change our ways to accommodate it. However, Christians, Jews, and members of other religions living in the Muslim world face widespread if not institutional discrimination.

Pope Benedict XVI wants that to stop.

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