Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A second attempt at a Whorehouse Days festival in Minnesota

Clinton Township, Minnesota is an obscure place located in Minnesota's Iron Range. It has a chance to lose the obscurity label--all it has to do is host the Whorehouse Days Festival this summer.

But don't count on it.

From AP:

Another Iron Range town has answered with a chorus of nays against Whorehouse Days -- a festival that would hark back to the area's Prohibition and prostitution past.

Organizer Darcie Novak had hoped to hold the event in Clinton Township, Minn., but ran into opposition last week at the Clinton Town Board meeting. Last year, Novak and others sought to hold Whorehouse Days in Gilbert, Minn., but the proposal was quashed by opponents.

Doris Abramson of Zim feels the festival would be offensive to women. "Why they are trivializing something that was so harsh and brutal for many women. It's not something to be taken lightly," she said.

Novak, of Clinton Township, passed out a flyer at the meeting describing the festival as a "chance for grownups to get dressed up in flapper dresses and gangster hats" and experience bed races, the world's longest bar and a madame contest.

If the festival organizers manage to get approval for Whorehouse Days, it'll be held August 18-19.

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