Saturday, April 22, 2006

Profile-aphopia update: Washington Post displays symptoms

Here is headline I found on the online edition of the Washington Post:

2 U.S. Citizens Met Extremists To Talk About Attacks, FBI Says

Here are the first two paragraphs from the article, free registration may be required.

A U.S. citizen whose family came from Bangladesh was being flown to New York on Friday to face charges he lied to federal investigators about his meetings with suspected terrorists, officials said.

Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, 19, who had been living in Roswell, Ga., could be arraigned as early as Saturday in Brooklyn federal court on charges he gave numerous false statements to the FBI when questioned about his travels abroad, according to an arrest warrant unsealed Friday.

Syed Haris Ahmed was the other man arrested by the FBI.

More from the Post:

Ahmed told agents that he traveled to Canada with Sadequee in March 2005 to meet with "like-minded Islamic extremists" at which time the group "discussed strategic locations in the United States suitable for a terrorist strike, to include oil refineries and military bases," according to the affidavit. Ahmed said that Sadequee did not stay with his aunt but rather a person he and Ahmed wanted to accompany to terrorist camps for training, according to investigators.

Ah, but at least they're US citizens, as the Washington Post points out in the headline, so there is no need to worry. (Sarcasm off.)

Which brings to mind this Marathon Pundit post from last week, New phobia discovered: Profile-aphopia.

Here is what I wrote:

Profile-aphobia--an irrational fear, usually possessed by the mainstream media, of being labeled a bigot. Best exemplified by this April 10 AP headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune, U.S. citizen gets five years in drugs-for-missiles plot. This phobia is especially commonplace in news stories about Muslims who've been charged with terrorism related crimes. All criminologists agree that US citizens commit most of the crimes in the United States, and they are puzzled when mainstream reporters feel compelled to overemphasize the American citizenship of a US Muslim accused in a terror plot. Symptoms among mainstream media reporters become more severe when a Muslim is convicted of such crimes.

Treatment: Common sense, and a new writing-style book.

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