Friday, April 21, 2006

Rachel Corrie play will be performed at an undisclosed location in Toronto

The American martyr for the cause of Palestinian terrorism, Rachel Corrie, is back in the news today, courtesy of Brainster.

Rachel Corrie was an anti-American extremist and member of the radical International Solidarity Movement. She was killed when an Israeli Defense Force D-9 Caterpillar bulldozer ran her over, yes, accidentally, as she tried to prevent the destruction of a Gaza home with a handy tunnel connected to a weapons cache.

The play My Name is Rachel Corrie, which is enjoying a long run in London, will have its North American debut in Toronto. Actually, according to the Toronto Star, it'll be just a script reading. On Sunday, at a location not made public, the script reading will commence somewhere in Canada's largest city. After plans for the play were cancelled in New York--after a public outcry--the Canadians are taking a lower key approach.

There is also a Rachel Corrie musical piece that gets performed on occasion, a cantata entitled The Skies are Weeping.

Tom Gross of the British magazine The Spectator wrote an article about lesser-known Rachels, Israeli Rachels killed by terrorists during the intifata.
There are no plays or cantatas about them.

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