Thursday, March 23, 2006

German state might quiz potential Muslim immigrants on holocaust, will show racy film

Last week the Netherlands announced that would-be Muslim immigrants to Holland would have to watch a film showing topless women and two gay men kissing each other.

If they viewers can't tolerate the images, they don't get into Holland.

According to Islam, the southern German state of Hessen is proposing to expand on the Dutch idea, by adding a question and answer session to its immigration screening process including queries about Israel and the holocaust. The Hessen proposal, still awaiting approval from Berlin, may be adopted by other German states.

From Islam Online:

"What do you know about the Holocaust? Define Israel's right to exist? Are you offended when you see two homos kissing one another?"...etc. These are some of the questions in a racy test would-be immigrants in Germany may have to sit in for, also including watching sex scenes.

"Some Muslim countries apply death penalty over aspects in day-to-day life that we consider normal," said Stephan Mayer, member of the CUP (Christian Union Party).

He cited short skirts and homosexual acts in public as examples of normal behavior in Germany.

Norbert Geis, a fellow party member, echoed a similar stance.

"Bathing naked in public may draw criticism. But something like this should be accepted (by immigrants) in Germany," Geis said.

There is a smattering of opposition about the immigration proposal from all over the German political map in Germany, particularly about the sex stuff.

There have been calls in the West for Europe to stand up and be proud of its heritage and its immeasurable contributions to civilization. I'm pretty sure showing DVD clips of topless babes to Muslims was not what those voices had in mind, but hey, it's a start.

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