Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Too much Yuletide spirit: Bears-Packers Christmas Day game rowdiest of the year at Lambeau

And to top it off, the Packers are having a dreadful year. But let's give a congratulations to the 2005 NFC Champion Chicago Bears!

From AP:

Green Bay police say that while the Bears were taking care of the Packers on the field, officers were taking care of a record number of rowdy fans.

Sunday's game earned the dubious distinction of being the season's most disorderly in the stands. Police arrested 25 people and ejected 60 from the stadium.
Commander Ken Brodhagen says those numbers eclipse the rap sheet from a Monday night game in November. In that game against the Vikings, 15 people were arrested and 52 kicked out.

The arrests were for charges ranging from possession of marijuana and underage drinking to unlawful conduct and resisting an officer.

The ejections were for smoking or urinating in inappropriate places, disrupting fans and being disorderly.

And once again, the Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau, not Lambert Field.

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