Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2006 Turin Olympics: Keeping an eye on terror

Looks like the Italians are doing a lot of sensible things in trying to prevent a 21st Century version of the Munich terror attacks at next year's winter games in Turin, as AP reports.

Fearing possible terrorism at the Turin Olympics, Italian authorities are conducting surveillance on "numerous" people through telephone wiretaps and other intelligence operations, an Italian security official said Tuesday.

Luigi Rinella, the Italian police's liaison with the U.S. government, said those under surveillance included suspected Islamic militants, but he stressed that anti-globalization protesters and anarchists could also make trouble during the Feb. 10-26 Games.

"Clearly at this moment, the sensibility is to groups that we call Islamic terrorist that are connected to al-Qaida," he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Washington.

Al-Qaida has been quiet lately, and would surely enjoy a comeback in a big way at such a high profile event such as the Olympics.

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