Thursday, December 22, 2005

More lumps of coal in DePaul's stocking

It just keeps getting worse for Chicago's DePaul University. FrontPage Magazine once again adds to the discussion the Thomas Klocek free speech case.

This Phyllis Chesler article discusses campus Muslims crying "racism" every time someone doesn't agree with them.

Incidentally, Islam is not a race. They should be using the word "bigotry" instead of racism, as I digress into a William F. Buckley mode.

Okay, I'm back. This paragraph of Chesler's piece deals with Klocek and DePaul.

Then there is the 2004 case of De Paul university professor Thomas Klocek. Professor Klocek, who had taught at De Paul University for fifteen years, visited a student fair on campus and engaged in dialogue with some Muslim student supporters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. He defended Israel. He questioned whether Rachel Corrie had indeed been murdered in cold blood and whether Israelis were really treating Palestinians in the same way that Hitler treated the Jews -- as the Muslim students' literature and posters claimed. He insisted that "the Israeli Armed Forces have exercised very careful restraint in their responses to what has been almost daily suicide bombings." Whereupon eight students descended on the single professor. A verbal melee ensued. Despite their clear superiority in numbers, the students donned the garb of victims, complaining that they were "harassed" and "threatened." They further alleged that Klocek had made "racist remark." The students met with their advisors who alerted various administrative deans. The deans wasted no time capitulating to the student agitators. They apologized to the offended students and suspended Professor Klocek. As of this writing, a lawsuit is under way.

WorldNetDaily has a write-up too, based mostly on FIRE's interest in the College Republican free speech struggle there. (See previous post.)

WorldNet does a good job putting together, at the end of the article, a nice summary of Thomas Klocek and Ward Churchill articles.

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