Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blogroll additions from around the world

I'm getting ready for additional visitors to this blog, with the Pajamas Media (formerly Open Source Media) launch coming soon. I'm cleaning up the Blogroll, getting rid of dead boards, finally alphabetizing it. I had the Illinois blogs on the bottom of the page. But I've decided to put them all together, the same way Billy Jack wanted it.

I'd like to highlight three recent blogroll additions. It's a great honor that a soldier from US Central Command sent me an e-mail asking that I add CentCom to the blogroll. It's here.

The other two blogs tie in to the Thomas Klocek-DePaul free speech battle.

Dr. Steven Plaut is a professor in Israel; he's written several books and contributes regularly to FrontPage Magazine. His blog is here.

Here is an excerpt of his most recent entry:

Subject: Hebron Arabs Sick of "Anarchists"

I am translating parts of the article that appears at
http://www.inn.co.il/news.php?id=130800 (in Hebrew on web site)

The Arabs of Hebron are Sick of Anarchists

In recent days officials of the "Palestinian Authority" have coordinated with the Jewish community of Hebron attempt to bring to an end the activities of leftist extremist "anarchist" activists from all around the world who have congregated in order to assist the Israeli Far Left in its activism, supposedly on behalf of the Arabs of Hebron.

The collaboration began due to the arrival of the "anarchists" in the city of Hebron. Local Arabs in Hebron claim that the same anarchists who supposedly are trying to assist them are in fact behaving in a provocative and offensive manner, in violation of the moral and religious norms and standards of respect upheld by local Hebron Arabs, and especially undermine the morals of local youths.

Dr. Plaut also tipped me off to this essay from Norman Finkelstein's web site--here the Holocaust-dismissing write talks about Mother Finkelstein.

Finally, our gaze heads down to Oz, where John Ray has a new blog, Australian Politics. John helped spread the word there about Klocek's struggles with DePaul University.

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