Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Phelps "God hates fags" Westboro cult headed back to Indiana Sunday

Although I'd heard of Kansas loon Fred Phelps' and his Westboro Baptist "Church" many years before, it was this story from NBC 5 Chicago that caught my attention earlier this month.

The clearly disturbed "Rev." Phelps is operating under the delusion that God is killing our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan because of our tolerance of gay rights and because some hooligans torched his "church" in the 1990s.

Phelps' crew of crazies picketed the funeral of Army Spc. Adam Harding of Portage, IN on August 5. Harding, a true hero, was awarded a Bronze Star.

Alderman James Balcer, a Chicago Democrat, denounced the Westboro Portage protest in a press conference three days later. This act enraged Phelps, who has labeled the alderman a "fag enabler" and a future target for Westboro pickets, according to fliers available on God

As posted here yesterday evening, Phelps has a Tennessee 2-fer of soldiers' funeral protests planned for Saturday.

They'll be heading up Interstate 65 almost immediately, as they hope to ruin the funeral of Army Sergeant Jeremy Doyle in Martinsville, IN, a town located halfway between Indianapolis and Bloomington.

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