Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Hamphshire woman complains after doctor tells her to lose weight

We've really sunk low as a society if stuff like this is allowed to happen. Maybe the doctor sounded sarcastic when he passed on his advice, but to me, it sounds like he was just doing his job. Fox & Friends was talking about this story this morning.

From AP:

As doctors warn more patients that they should lose weight, the advice has backfired on one doctor with a woman filing a complaint saying he was hurtful, not helpful.

Dr. Terry Bennett says he tells obese patients their weight is bad for their health and their love lives, but the lecture drove one patient to complain to the state.

"I tried to get her attention. I told her, 'You need to get on a program, join a group of like-minded people and peel off the weight that is going to kill you,'" he said.

Her complaint, filed about a year ago, was investigated by a panel of the New Hampshire Board of Medicine, which recommended that Bennett be sent a confidential letter of concern. The board rejected the suggestion and asked the attorney general's office to investigate.

Bennett rejected that office's proposal that he attend a medical education course and
acknowledge that he made a mistake.

Bruce Friedman, chairman of the board of medicine, said he could not discuss specific complaints.

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