Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No nickname at Lemont High: Go you student athletes!!! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Lemont is a southwestern suburb of Chicago, near where I grew up. I found this article buried deep in the Chicago Tribune:

Lemont High School has avoided a nickname controversy by deciding to use no nickname for now.

The District 210 board has rescinded a decision made last school year to use the nickname Titans. That would have replaced Injuns."

We're just going to go out and play for Lemont High School," athletic director John Young said Tuesday. Young said it would cause no problem with athletic uniforms because none uses a nickname. The district is conducting a community survey to determine a mascot.

Go student athletes!!!!

My opinion? There used to be a lot of limestone quarries near Lemont. In a "tip of the hat" to the great film, "Breaking Away," if the school board insists on dumping the Injuns nickname, why not "the Cutters."

Oh, I almost forgot, there are two canals that converge near Lemont, the Sanitary Ship and the Calumet-Saganashkee. My late father told me--more than once--that one of my great grandfathers, Patrick Curran, helped dig, make that "cut the stone" of the Cal-Sag Canal. As a descendent of a cutter, Lemont High School has my permission to use the Cutters nickname.

I'll get this post notarized, if necessary.

Go Cutters!! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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