Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mayor Daley: GOP corruption bounty "below the belt"

A few posts down you'll see that I blogged about this yesterday. Hey, it does let people know there is a Cook County Republican Party!

Personally, I think Mayor Daley should've laughed the whole thing off.

Here's the latest on the $10,000 reward being offered by the Cook County GOP for information leading to the conviction of Chicago mayor Richard Daley. From ABC 7 Chicago:

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he is outraged by a $10,000 reward offered by the GOP Tuesday for information leading to the mayor's conviction on corruption charges. The bounty was a hot topic at City Hall Wednesday.

The corruption scandal is definitely taking its toll on the mayor, and Wednesday's city council meeting is a perfect example. Aldermen who supported virtually all of Daley's proposals in the past declared his new hiring plan dead before it is even submitted.

The mayor is grudgingly accepting the new political reality, with the exception of a reward that a local Republican leader offered Tuesday for evidence that daley is personally corrupt.
"That stunt was below the belt and was deeply offensive.

On one of the many threads on Rich Miller's Capitol Fax blog, this poster made a very insightful comment:

Wait a minute, you mean the Cook County GOP has $10,000?

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