Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Chicago to bid on 2016 Olympics?

Well, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, it could happen.

In a surprise change of heart, Mayor Daley has decided to make a serious bid for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, City Hall sources told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday.
Years ago, Daley ruled out an Olympics bid, arguing that the millions of dollars in upfront costs required to make a serious pitch was not worth the longshot chance that Chicago would be awarded the Summer Games.

But that was before the $475 million Millennium Park was completed, and before local business leaders -- eager to further showcase Chicago to the world -- agreed to front the city's bidding costs.

With that guarantee, Daley reportedly has given the go-ahead to officials both inside his administration and business leaders on the outside to pursue a serious Olympics bid.
Sources: It's not a diversion

City Hall sources insisted that the bid has been in the works behind the scenes for months and it is not a diversion from the corruption scandals that have beset the mayor.

As to why some people may think this is a diversion, scroll down a few posts.

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