Monday, May 02, 2005

DePaul faces heat from Jewish community over Klocek, Finkelstein, and Palestinian art exhibit

Last week, Aaron B. Cohen, the executive editor of the Jewish United Fund's online journal, wrote an article about DePaul. Of course the Klocek free speech case was brought up, as well as the presence on the DePaul faculy of notorious-holocaust minimizer Norman Finkelstein.

And finally, as blogged here last month, there is a pro-Palestinian cause art show taking place on the DePaul campus, partly organized by one of the groups that was so-offendend by the straight-talk from Professor Klocek. Remember the name of that group: the Students for Justice in Palestine. More on them later.

DePaul President, Fr. Holtschneider was interviewed for the article, as well as a couple of other DePaul faculy members. Thankfully, they cast doubt on SJP's version of Middle Eastern history, essentially the omission by the exibit's organizer on how the Palestinian's were offered by the UN a state to co-exist with Israel in 1948, but the Palestians and the neighboring Arab states rejected that offer.

I''ll fill in the rest: Instead, the Arab states attacked the hours-old Jewish state, but to nearly everyone's surprise, the Arab armies were routed by the Israelis. Jordan annexed the west bank, and Eqypt annexed the Gaza Strip.

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David said...

"When you use the word propaganda, that intimates an intentionality of proposing something that goes beyond the facts" my view, a person who can speak a sentence like the above has no business being a university president.