Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Free speech??? DePaul University professor in trouble over anti-Palestinian comments

Much has been made of "Psycho" Ward Churchill's free speech rights by the left. In a little know case, a DePaul University professor (not tenured, unlike Ward Churchill) made comments, that according to ABC 7 Chicago:

"The students claimed professor Klocek's arguments were racist and hurt their feelings. They went to the dean of the school and 10 days after the debate the professor was suspended without a hearing," said John Mauck, Klocek's attorney.

It continues:

DePaul student Ben Myer witnessed Klocek arguing with the group students for justice in Palestine.

"As I was walking over, professor Klocek was explaining to my colleagues that there was no such thing as Palestinians, that they don't exist. He made aggressive gestures toward the students. He approached in a very confrontational way," Myer said.

Mainstream views? Probably not. But many non-politicized historians of the Middle East have written that the Arabs of Palestine were immigrants to what is now the state of Israel to seek work from the Jewish immigrants during the late Turkish and British Mandate eras of the Holy Land.

But his views are certainly not as imflammatory as the acid spewed by "Psycho" Ward Churchill of Colorado Univeristy, who called the 9/11 victims "little Eichmanns." Eichmann, as in the head of the Nazi death camps, Eichmann.

Read the rest of the ABC 7 article here.

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