Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bush's Popularity Jumps

From Newsmax:

President Bush's popularity ratings have climbed to their highest level in a year, mostly due to the successful elections in Iraq and optimism stemming from the president's State of the Union address.

According to a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll, Bush's job approval stands at 57 percent, the highest since January 2004, after U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein.

The new numbers are definitely an improvement from the election season, said The Washington Times, which noted that Bush "had the worst job-approval numbers of any re-elected president since World War II."

Gallup showed the president with only a 48 percent job approval rating, coupled with a Time magazine poll showing only 49 percent.
Now, however, the president's popularity has rebounded, as has the public's opinion of his actions and goals.

In fact, according to USA Today, "majorities now say that going to war in Iraq was not a mistake, that things are going well there and that it's likely democracy will be established in Iraq."

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