Friday, January 14, 2005

More State Police Problems for Blagojevich

The Changing of the Guards by Chuck Goudie
January 13, 2005 — There are new charges of political favoritism against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and the Illinois State Police. Official complaints were lodged by some state police officers in the wake of the I-Teams "Changing of the Guards" reports the past few months.

Dozens of Illinois State Police officers are alleging that Governor Rod Blagojevich put politics ahead of police protection. Two former top officials of the governor's bodyguard unit filed discrimination complaints for what they say happened when Blagojevich came into office.
"I was part of the housecleaning for an incoming Democratic administration and we were part of the old regime, as some people viewed us, and although we had nothing to do with politics, we were given the boot simply because of who we were affiliated with," said Jim Drozdz.

Jim Drozdz was the administrative officer for Governor George Ryan's security detail. He holds advanced college degrees in police administration; a law degree and a doctorate in education and maintained a spotless work record. He was stunned two years ago when, under the newly-elected Rod Blagojevich, he was involuntarily transferred from the state executive protection

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