Monday, May 20, 2024

One dead, at least 44 others wounded over weekend in Chicago, one mass shooting

 At least 45 people were shot over45 people were shot over the past weekend in Chicago, one fatally. 

That's an astounding number of shootings, but sadly, it is not surprising. Violence becomes more common as the temperatures rise, but there's a difference in 2024. Brandon Johnson--Chicago's anti-cop mayor--has been in office for a year now. Worse, this might have been the warmest weekend since the pro-criminal no-cash bail SAFE-T Act went into effect.

Johnson lives in Austin on the West Side, where there was a triple shooting. One of those victims is dead.

Also on the West Side, in North Lawndale, there a mass shootinga mass shooting where six people were wounded.

Last weekend only 29 people were shot, but there were more fatalities with four dead.

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