Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Time for a law school refresh? Lightfoot says of those charged with crimes "these people are guilty"

I imagine in the first semester of law school the subject of "innocent until proven guilty" comes up. Heck, when I served on a jury years ago it did. 

And while I firmly believe that Kim Soros-Smollett Foxx, the so-called prosecutor in Cook County whose formal title is Cook County state's attorney, is a menace to public safety and should resign, Chicago's failed mayor, Lori Lightfoot, went too far when she made some alarming comments.

"Given the exacting standards that the state's attorney has for charging a case, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt - when those charges are brought, these people are guilty." She immediately clarified that statement a little, adding "and of course they're entitled to a presumption of innocence. Of course, they're entitled to their day in court. But residents in our community are also entitled to safety from dangerous people. So we need to keep pressing the criminal courts to lock up violent, dangerous people."

Foxx, among many things, has let too many accused violent criminals go free on no or low bail, or put them on electronic monitoring, which many then elude. Crime is skyrocketing in Chicago and the suburbs. But it might be you or me who is deemed "guilty" one day by an unbalanced public official like Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor and a graduate of the University of Chicago law school. Lightfoot is expected to announce her bid for a second term on Wednesday. 

Instead of upending the perception of guilt and innocence, Lightfoot should instead be demanding the resignation of Foxx. 

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