Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Baby shot in head released from hospital, family moving out of city: "Chicago is the worst," mom, who was shot six years earlier, says

The good news--no, make that great news--is that the one-month-old baby has been discharged from the hospital after being shot earlier this month.

As for the family, they're quitting Chicago.

From Fox Chicago:
The one-month-old was one of seven people wounded in a mass shooting in Englewood on July 1.
Now, her family has had enough and they are moving out of Chicago.
Terriana Smith is the youngest gun violence victim this year and in recent memory. She is one of 212 kids, under the age of 17, shot this year alone.
"I'm getting out of here, today. I have to leave Chicago," said Terriana’s mother Tyeshia Banks. "I love this city, but I can’t stay anymore."
Six years ago Banks was also wounded in a shooting--one that occurred six blocks from the mass shooting site where her daughter was shot.

No one has been arrested for the July 1 mass shooting.


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