Monday, June 21, 2021

Five fatally shot in Chicago over weekend and at least 47 wounded; woman stabbed to death Saturday afternoon downtown

Lori Lightfoot is doing what bad politicians do when they can't, or in the Chicago mayor's case, fix something. They deflect. In Lighweight's case, she won't find an effective way to combat rising violence in her city. She's beholden to leftist ideology.

Last week she declared racism a public health crisis. Meanwhile people keep shooting each other in Chicago and most of the victims are minorities. Over the past weekend five people were shot to death and at least 47 others were wounded. Of the fatalities two were in Humboldt Park on the Northwest Side, there was another killing on the Northwest Side in Bucktown. On the South Side a man was shot to death in Parkway Gardens and another man killed by a shooter in Back of the Yards on the Southwest Side. 

Liberals like Lightfoot always decry "gun violence." Never "gang violence" or even "violence." Their ulitmate goal is to ban private gun ownership. But people murder each even without guns. In the middle of the day Saturday a college grad student was stabbed to death downtown--that's an area where such violence was rare until a couple of years ago. 

Hmm...what happened two years ago? Oh, Lori Lightfoot was elected mayor.

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