Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Never Trumpers angry over Liz Cheney's removal from House GOP leadership

As your mother probably told you a person can be judged by their friends. Because of her opposition to former President Donald Trump, Liz Cheney was ousted from her position as the House Republican Conference Chair, the third-ranking position for the party in the lower chamber. 

Coming to her defense is CNN, which avoided mention of the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas during its primetime show but devoted 90 minutes last night to Cheney

The Never Trump Lincoln Project, which has many problems of its own, is supporting her. So is Never Trumper Adam Kinzinger.

As is Mitt Romney, who in a Tweet two days ago said, "Expelling Liz Cheney from leadership won’t gain the GOP one additional voter, but it will cost us quite a few."
Meanwhile over 100 Republicans, including many people I've never heard of, say they may form a third party if reforms aren't made within the GOP. One name I recognize is Evan McMullin, who ran for president against Trump under a minor party's banner in 2016. Is McMullin really a Republican? He wasn't five years ago.

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